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Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Social Media


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Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Social Media

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Social Media




Social Media Marketing

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Course Description

Social media has grown to become one of the primary communication channels online and is now an integral component of a successful digital marketing strategy. However, it is a broad discipline and encapsulates a number of different specialisms that should be considered.
Designed by the Digital Marketing Institute, this program explores them and equips you with the essential skills required to create and implement social strategies as part of a wider general digital marketing strategy.

Program Benefits

The Digital Marketing Institute has collaborated with leading industry experts through their esteemed Industry Advisory Council to define a certification informed by innovative techniques and best practices. The program focuses on a number of specialisms including content marketing and content outreach through a number of modern and relevant social media channels.
This certification is recommended for professionals who are responsible for the planning, execution and management of social media campaigns. It is for social media specialists, executives or similarly any individual who would like to enhance their digital marketing knowledge in this area. It has been designed specifically for professionals to engage as a social media specialist within an overall digital marketing domain.

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Difficulty : Intermediate

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