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Demand for Digital Marketing Courses Explodes 10x

Demand for digital marketing training has exploded in recent years. Before 2011, web searches for “digital marketing training” and “digital marketing courses” have been fairly low and steady. In 2011 and 2012, interest appears to increase gradually. But beginning in 2013, trends clearly show a huge spike in searches. Take a look at the long-term trend for “digital marketing training” from being practically no one searching for it during the earlier part of 2004 to quadrupling by the middle of 2016.

Even more dramatic is the is the search trend for “digital marketing courses”, which has exploded from single-digital monthly searches to close to triple digits in 2016. Granted, the volume remains modest, but definitely you can see there is a huge demand for getting trained in digital marketing.

If you do the math, over a 12-year period from May 2004 to May 2016, online searches for “digital marketing courses” grew by around 922% or an average growth rate of 77%. That’s huge!

But how does this compare with searches for other courses? Let’s try “marketing courses.” As you can see below, monthly volume has dropped from 2004 and has remained fairly steady for more than a decade. In fact, there are the same number of monthly searches for “digital marketing courses” today as there were for “marketing courses” in 2004. Today, more people are looking for “digital marketing courses” than for “marketing courses.”

Clearly, there has been a growing interest for people to get trained in digital marketing. Actually, there has been a very strong demand for digital marketing courses worldwide. This can be seen not only by the rapid growth in online searches but also the increasing number of digital marketing training providers and digital marketing courses online.

In the Philippines, more and more professionals, entrepreneurs, and even students are taking a keen interest in getting formal training in digital marketing. Obviously, business and marketing courses from colleges and universities are not providing the digital marketing skills needed in the industry.

When we launched the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing in the Philippines from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) in 2015, there was a lot of interest. But from the first class in September last year, enrollment has tripled! This only validates the global trend in the demand for digital marketing training and courses.

So if you are in marketing or business and are looking to upgrade your skills, shift your career, or specialize in a hot career path, consider undergoing digital marketing training. And by the way, monthly search volume for “digital marketing institute” has likewise exploded in recent years, with the same number of searches for “digital marketing courses.”

Coincidence? I think not. After all, DMI is the global standard in digital marketing training with over 15,000 graduates in 80 countries. To learn more, download our brochure for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.