DMI ranked among top 30 best value digital marketing certificate programs

  • February 20, 2017
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DMI joins Duke University, MIT, UCLA, etc. among the best value digital marketing certificate programs!

ValueColleges, which researches and ranks colleges has come up with its “Top 30 Best Value Digital Marketing Certificate Programs for 2017,” to guide “prospective students to the digital marketing certificate programs most likely to lead to job market visibility, career advancement, and financial rewards.”

In the list includes some of the most prestigious universities in the U.S., including Duke University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame, University of California (both Berkeley and UCLA), Rutgers University, among others.

These are all top-ranked universities offering online or in-person certificates in digital marketing costing thousands of dollars. ValueColleges named only one non-traditional university in its list: the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). It says:

“A non-traditional educational choice, the Digital Marketing Institute is an example of how digital technology and new media are turning education on its head. Founded in Ireland in 2008 by tech entrepreneurs, DMI has spread to more than 80 nations in the world and awarded more than 17 thousand diplomas and degrees.”

As an update, right now, DMI has over 20,000 graduates across 120 countries, including the Philippines through Learning Curve’s DMHQ division.

In addition, ValueColleges noted:

“DMI offers a fully online Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, a 30-hour program that DMI calls their cornerstone. Students learn the whole range of digital tools and techniques, including social media, analytics, and strategy. With DMI’s large list of corporate partners and a strong reputation for quality, graduates find a DMI Professional certificate a solid investment.”

The fact that DMI is available across 120 countries, it is the most recognized digital marketing certification worldwide, even more than any of the universities mentioned in the list. That’s why it is the global standard.

Heinz is the Program Director of DigitalMarketersHQ (DMHQ) and President of Learning Curve, the Education Partner of the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) in the Philippines. He is an Internet and technology media pioneer, publishing and editing print and online content since the late 90s.

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