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How to Get Hired as a Digital Marketer in the Philippines Part 2

Demand for digital marketing skills in the Philippines is exploding. Yet, our colleges and universities are not preparing marketing graduates for what the industry needs. This is what a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute addresses. We asked two more DMI lecturers for what they look for when hiring and how digital marketing certification can help candidates stand out.

1. What qualifications or skills are you looking for when hiring?

Chette Ayson, Head of Digital Media, Smart Communications: “Experience and/or skills in digital media, creatives, production, social media, and/or analytics; creative — does not merely conform with the usual digital checklist; project management skills; communication skills; presentation skills.”

Jonas delos Reyes, Managing Director, Socialytics: “Depending on the specific role, I always look for the basics or foundational. For example, if I’m hiring a community manager, I make sure the person has a solid communications background from either tertiary education or previous work experience.”

2. What traits or characteristics are important to be successful in digital marketing?

Chette: “Eye for good aesthetics; attention to detail; strategic thinker — does not merely create campaigns for the sake of creating campaigns; team player — ability to work well with others; keeps up-to-date with the latest digital trends; ability to work independently; resourceful — knows how to go around obstacles, maximize available resources, etc.”

Jonas: “I believe one of the most important traits or characteristics to be successful in digital marketing is having a teachable attitude. The industry is continuously evolving which means one must be quick to learn and adapt.”

3. Are our colleges and universities producing graduates with skills you need in digital marketing?

Chette: “I don’t think digital marketing, like most things, is acquired from a typical structured learning environment.”

Jonas: “Our colleges and universities are already doing well in providing foundational courses in communication, technology, psychology, and others that are very much needed in digital marketing. However what it lacks is the formal training and deep dive of digital marketing that will prepare college students for the real world.”

4. Will training and certifications in digital marketing give job candidates an edge?

Chette: “Most local seminars on digital marketing are sales presentations in disguise, so they rarely count. I prefer training/certifications with actual hands-on training, that require more than the usual 3-day track — those you need to relentlessly attend, and has some sort of examination or test that you actually learned something.”

Jonas: “Yes, having formal training in digital marketing will certainly give a job candidate an edge over others who might have zero or a very basic and limited knowledge of the topic. It’s critical for employees in fields like marketing communications or public relations to have a thorough, well-rounded view of every aspect of digital marketing and jump-starting this can best be achieved through formal training.”