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How to Justify Your Digital Marketing Training to Your Boss

If you are working for a company and you are interested in enrolling in the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing program, you may want to get your company to pay for your training. Although we have many cases where our students pay out of pocket, since they know the long-term value of certification, we have just as many that have their training fully paid for, subsidized, or reimbursed. Now, how do you convince your boss or HR department to approve your request for training?

If you work for a big company, you certainly would have a form that you need to fill out. If you work for a startup or SME, it may be as casual as asking your boss during lunch. Regardless of the process of getting training approval, you need to present your business case rationally and persuasively. Here is how you can justify your training for digital marketing training:

1. Define the need

You have to lay out the case that there is a need for digital marketing training in the first place. You have to explain that (a) you need it and (b) the company needs it. Remember, your training is not for your sole benefit. It only makes financial sense for your employer if the company itself will benefit from it as well.

So what makes training in digital marketing a need? Explain the importance of digital marketing for your company’s business, if it’s not yet doing it or not doing it enough. And if it’s already doing it but not doing it well enough for its bottom line, that’s precisely the need they are looking for it. If your company needs to be doing digital marketing better, i.e. more effectively and more efficiently, then that’s what you have to lay out.

As for your own need, it’s simple: explain any gaps in your digital knowledge and skills. You more or less already have an idea where your weak areas are. But if you want a more objective assessment, which will also help you make your case, use DMI’s Digital Diagnostic. You will have a better idea where you are good at and not so good at. And that is how you can present the need for a holistic and integrated training in digital marketing.

2. Present the program

Next, it’s time to explain the features of the training program to give your boss or HR department a thorough understanding of what they will be paying for. This is where you do your research. You have to show that the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing program of DMI is superior to other options you’ve evaluated.

So list down in bullet points what the advantages are in getting trained by DMI. Really, it’s practically a no-brainer. If you want a short version, here it is:

  • DMI is the world’s market leader in digital marketing training and certification with over 15,000 graduates in 80 countries.
  • It’s the global standard in digital marketing certification, with more professionals trained in this program than any other.
  • It offers an internationally-recognized Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, not just a local certificate.
  • The course has 10 modules covering all the major areas of digital marketing including search, advertising, social, email, mobile, analytics, and strategy.
  • The curriculum has been validated by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the world’s top digital agencies.
  • Its syllabus is constantly updated (currently using Syllabus Version 6.0) to ensure the latest trends, tools, and techniques.
  • The content is standardized worldwide but case studies are localized to make them more relevant and specific.
  • DMI has trained a pool of lecturers in the Philippines who are all veteran digital marketing practitioners from top digital agencies and brands.

3. List down the costs

Naturally, your boss or approving officer has one overriding question: “How much does it cost?” Obviously, if it’s cheap, it’s easy to approve. Just remember this adage from the world’s richest and most successful investor Warren Buffett (who knows a great deal when he sees one): “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”

Present the price, in this case the course fee. Now, how do you present the value? There are three ways to approach it, which you can do separately or collectively. One is the easiest: the discounted price. Everyone loves a bargain. For example, the course fee for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing program is Php80,000.

Is it expensive or cheap? Price, as you know, is relative. Compared to how much it costs if you go directly to DMI for their online course, it’s actually lower if you take our live classroom training in Manila. Then, on top of that, we also offer a substantial discounted rate if you enroll early. And we also offer even lower rates for group training. This by itself is a strong case.

But that’s not it. You can also compare our course fee with competing programs. You will be surprised that our program is a huge bargain compared to some that are not even internationally-recognized or only have a few graduates compared to DMI.

Then of course you can present the value. What will the company get versus what it will pay out. And this is where you go to the next point.

4. Show the benefits

Any kind of training must have a concrete business value. Yes, many training programs mainly have intangible and indirect benefits that are hard to measure but still have value, like leadership programs and team building. But the easiest kind of training to justify are ones that have easily quantifiable and immediate benefits. Digital marketing training is one of those.

You can list down all the business and marketing objectives you will be able to achieve after going through the training. If you have numbers to back it up, you can even make a solid ROI calculation. A quick way of doing this is comparing traditional marketing and digital marketing. You can show cost savings or revenue increase if you shift more to digital.

5. Push it

Show conviction that it’s imperative you go through the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing now rather than next year or next time. You have to be utterly convincing by offering a compelling business case for your boss or approving manager to be swayed.

Give examples of competitors that are doing it better or companies from other industries that are doing it well. There is an urgency. Your company cannot be left behind. And if they are to invest in training in digital marketing, they might as well pick the best one in the market, and that’s the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Free Template

We want to make it as easy for you as possible, so we created a free justification template that you can modify and use. You can copy paste it into your standard training request form or email it.

Just download the free template for your letter of request for digital marketing training.