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The IT market is transforming dramatically both in terms of the types of offerings and solutions clients are purchasing, as well as the ways in which they are choosing to engage their vendors.



Increasingly, IT solutions are being purchased “as a service”, through online engagement, and often assisted by a seller using digital channels. Additionally, clients are becoming more self-empowered as they conduct their research online and choose to reach out to a seller later in the buying process, even for more traditional offerings. This digital transformation means that the fate of the sales pipeline is now controlled by the buyer, rather than a sales rep. The balance of power has shifted.

It has become apparent that sellers need to take a different approach to client engagement, beyond traditional selling techniques – they need to be more personal, more social and more digital.


In 2015, the organization’s inside sales team was rebranded as IBM Digital Sales, a name which recognizes a distinct selling discipline that, at its core, thrives on social and digital engagement. IBM also recognized the need to take a systematic approach to ensuring its sellers had the requisite digital skills training and ultimately, a globally recognized certification that would equip them with the tools and techniques required to achieve their targets. It was from this need that IBM have partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute, to create a customized digital selling program.


Based on its successful roll-out in Europe, IBM is expanding the program worldwide to its entire digital sales team. 95% of staff in North America answered that they felt the Certificate in Professional Digital Selling helped them perform better in their job. By year-end 2016, the goal of IBM Digital Sales is to have 100% of their global digital sellers externally certified in the Certificate in Professional Digital Selling, through the Digital Marketing Institute.

100% said it increased their sales

95% said it helped them perform better

From The Client

"The DMI program is helping to transform our inside sellers into digital sellers who are skilled in personalized multimodal engagement with clients." - Judy Buchholz - General Manager, IBM Digital Sales

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