Over 92% of graduates say that the Digital Marketing Institute qualification has had a positive impact on their career. In the Philippines, the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing receives an average rating of 93% from its fast growing roster of graduates.

"Towards global certification, strategic process, and implementation I would strongly recommend this training for every marketer who is looking towards the digital space."
Kankipati Kishore
Digital Marketing Strategist
"The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing covered a lot of content in a short space of time. It provided a variety of skilled presenters and gave students the chance to interact and work together throughout the course."
Aidan Mercer
Bentley Systems
"The course helped me gain a thorough understanding of Digital Marketing and enabled me to provide my clients with a complete through-the-line brand communications strategy."
Jaques Van Der Merwe
"During the year, we’ve managed to quadruple our Facebook fans, becoming the number one entertainment Facebook fan page in the country – a direct result of the work inspired by each class. I would leave every night with a notepad full of tips, tricks and ideas! No matter what line of business you’re in, this course is essential to understanding the potential of social media and digital marketing as a whole in today’s business world."
Shonagh Hurley
"I absolutely loved the course. I feel I got exactly what I was looking for and feel inspired to continue my path to furthering my career in this amazing and fast growing industry."
Silvana Landa
Burt's Bees & Trilogy
"The course was executed with precision. As a student, I felt I had the best of everything – venue, lecturers, and curriculum. The course is structured in a way that allowed me to make connections and really understand the core concepts that were taught."
Elaine Cameron
"The programme was excellent and addressed all the needs of a relative beginner like myself, being taught by industry practitioners meant even those students in class who were more digitally savvy got a lot out of it."
Anda Vicol
Viada Romania
"All their lectures are practitioners with the knowledge of the best techniques and latest trends in the market, some of their practitioners have done digital marketing work for British Airways, Microsoft, NHS, Toshiba and so on."
Andrew Quartey