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Why Our Digital Marketing Program is Not Cheap

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffet

That’s a quote that applies to the kind of education and training you should consider.

Yes, our program is not cheap. It’s valuable.

Why? Because with the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, you get…

  1. a professional diploma, which in most countries, is equivalent to two years of college
  2. a diploma from a real international institution, not a certificate issued by local companies that try to sound international
  3. a global certification mapped on to the European Qualifications Framework, making it an academically and internationally recognized qualification, not just a made up title
  4. an updated and standardized syllabus actually validated by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and multinational digital marketing agencies
  5. all-live classroom training with direct interaction, not webinars or videos or hybrid programs
  6. the same global education taken by students from London, Ireland, South Africa, India, Costa Rica, Spain, Germany, Russia, France, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sweden, Australia, Canada, the US, etc.
  7. the same training taken by over 12,000 graduates of the program worldwide, not a few dozens from local training providers
  8. 10 modules covering all the major areas of digital marketing from search and social to mobile and analytics, making you a well-rounded digital marketing professional
  9. world-class content across the globe but incorporating local relevant case studies and best practices
  10. 40 hours of training with printed handouts and online resources
  11. valuable training and interaction from the country’s leading digital marketing practitioners who actually manage digital marketing campaigns on a day-to-day basis
  12. a rigorous validation exam taken from any Pearson VUE center to make sure that after the program, you are aligned to global standards, after which DMI will issue you a professional diploma, which you can proudly include in your resume and LinkedIn profile

As you can see, there is a lot of value from the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. That is why it is not cheap.

But as DMI’s Education Partner in the Philippines, we have taken steps to make it easier for you to enroll.

To find out how and to learn more about the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing program, contact us today.