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July 25

Top 10 Reasons You Should Enroll with the Digital Marketing Institute

Everyone’s going digital, but there is no single global standard being followed by digital marketing professionals. Until now. Here are 10 reasons you should choose to enroll in the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing program of the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). No. 1: It is the world’s #1 digital marketing certification program. That’s reason enough, right? With […]

January 7

How Strong Are Your Digital Marketing Skills?

Just how much do you know about digital marketing? We’ve designed the Digital Diagnostic to help you find out. Knowing how to market online is at the heart of every successful, modern business model. Consequently, that’s where the jobs are too. Digital is driving the economy, are you keeping pace? Our Digital Diagnostic will assess […]

February 15

Why Our Digital Marketing Program is Not Cheap

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffet That’s a quote that applies to the kind of education and training you should consider. Yes, our program is not cheap. It’s valuable. Why? Because with the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, you get… a professional diploma, which in most countries, is […]

February 22

Digital marketing for SMEs and startups

Running a small business or growing a startup can be tough. You battle with bigger competitors. You have a limited marketing budget. And you wear too many hats. If you want to take your business to the next level, try digital marketing. And we don’t mean just posting on Facebook. There is a lot you […]

February 22

Get certified in digital marketing!

As a marketing professional, you face increasing pressure to deliver results for your company: traffic, leads, and revenues. With the fast-changing world of digital marketing, it can get overwhelming. You know there is more to digital marketing than Facebook. What you want is to be able to contribute to our company’s bottom line using different […]

June 30

Demand for Digital Marketing Courses Explodes 10x

Demand for digital marketing training has exploded in recent years. Before 2011, web searches for “digital marketing training” and “digital marketing courses” have been fairly low and steady. In 2011 and 2012, interest appears to increase gradually. But beginning in 2013, trends clearly show a huge spike in searches. Take a look at the long-term […]

July 5

The Best Way to Learn Digital Marketing: Self-Study Versus Instructor-Led Training

There is a growing demand for digital marketing courses in the last few years. But only in the last few years, i.e. starting 2011. Yet digital marketing (also referred to as  online marketing and Internet marketing) has been around since the 1990s. It seems that all this time, it has mainly been a lot of […]

July 8

Digital Marketing Training: Classroom, Live Online, or On Demand?

Let’s say you’ve decided to enroll in a formal training program in digital marketing, rather than try to self-study.  Now, you are faced with different options. Do you enroll in a live classroom training program? A live online class? Or an on-demand, self-paced training course? Maybe a blended format combining live and online? There really […]

July 12

Digital Marketing Certification: The Benefits of Getting Certified

Previously, we’ve established that going through instructor-led training in digital marketing is better than self-study, at least if you are just starting out. We also compared the different options for training. The next question is: should you get certified as a digital marketer? In fact, what’s the value of certification in general anyway? You know […]

July 14

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Certification

You’re convinced by now about the benefits of certification for professionals like digital marketers. In many professions, there are usually more than one professional or industry certification available. For financial services professionals alone, there are so many certifications to choose, from CFA and CFP to RFP and RFC, etc. The same goes for real estate […]

July 26

The ROI of Digital Marketing Training

Training is often seen as an expense when it should be seen as an investment. It’s only an expense if there’s no impact on the bottom line, whether it’s an increase in revenues, an improvement in productivity, a reduction in cost, or all of the above. But how do you show the return on investment, […]

August 3

The 7 Factors of a Highly Effective Digital Marketing Training Program

The number of digital marketing training programs available in the Philippines is growing, from local training providers to international educational institutions like the Digital Marketing Institute. They range from half-day seminars to months-long courses. But not all digital marketing training programs are equal. Some are more effective than others in transferring not only knowledge but […]

August 9

Generalist or Specialist: Which is Right For You?

Digital marketing covers a lot of areas. You can be a generalist with broad knowledge and skills in many or all areas of digital marketing. Or you can be a specialist focused on a very specific area, like SEO, social media marketing, or mobile marketing. The Digital Marketing Institute addresses this, as it offers both […]

August 11

How to Justify Your Digital Marketing Training to Your Boss

If you are working for a company and you are interested in enrolling in the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing program, you may want to get your company to pay for your training. Although we have many cases where our students pay out of pocket, since they know the long-term value of certification, we have […]

October 5

Digital Marketing Salaries in the Philippines

Digital marketing skills are very much in demand in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world. As such, more and more professionals are pursuing digital marketing careers as social media marketers, SEO specialists, content marketers, digital strategists and analysts, and community managers. As digital marketing positions require more specialized skills, naturally, salaries for digital marketers […]

October 11

Digital Marketing Jobs in the Philippines

Digital marketing jobs have been increasing in the Philippines, to think that only a few years ago, they did not even exist. But now that most companies understand the critical role of digital marketing in achieving their business goals, positions for for digital marketing jobs continue to open up. We look at two popular job […]

October 17

How to Get Hired as a Digital Marketer in the Philippines Part 1

Digital marketing is a specialized skill that is highly prized by companies across different industries. If you are pursuing a career in digital marketing, you need to stand out against competing candidates. But what exactly do agency heads and digital marketing managers in charge of hiring new staff look for when interviewing potential diital marketers? […]

October 25

How to Get Hired as a Digital Marketer in the Philippines Part 2

Demand for digital marketing skills in the Philippines is exploding. Yet, our colleges and universities are not preparing marketing graduates for what the industry needs. This is what a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute addresses. We asked two more DMI lecturers for what they look for when hiring and how […]

November 2

The Complete Guide to Shaping a Digital Marketing Career

Digital is no longer secondary, it’s central. Across every job role, in every industry, digital tools and techniques are being employed to drive better results with greater efficacy. The digital economy is thriving. A rising demand for skilled professionals with both technical and analytical skills is stimulating job creation and lucrative employee benefits packages as […]

February 20

DMI ranked among top 30 best value digital marketing certificate programs

DMI joins Duke University, MIT, UCLA, etc. among the best value digital marketing certificate programs! ValueColleges, which researches and ranks colleges has come up with its “Top 30 Best Value Digital Marketing Certificate Programs for 2017,” to guide “prospective students to the digital marketing certificate programs most likely to lead to job market visibility, career advancement, […]